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How cynical are you

how cynical are you

Do you keep thinking negatively all the time? Are you always preparing for the worst? Take this quiz to find out how cynical you are. Find out just how cynical or non- cynical you are. This quiz also measures if you tend to give others the benefit of the doubt. Take this quiz and it will tell you not. Are you cynical? And how cynical are you? Okay so you're in gym class and you're doing a trust game, where someone stands behind you.


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How cynical are you - isn't

I've become paranoid, thinking everyone is out to get me. Please try again later. Personality quiz - Test how cynical are you - The habit of doubting things is called as being cynical. Discover how much you are into it with this personality test. I don't go to church, they're judgemental hipocrites. I'm my own God, I make my decisions, and nobody can stop the way I am. Indifferent to the question. There are many ways to express one's cynicism – Diogenes the Cynic, for example, slept in a jar – but the true cynic knows he must be more.

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