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Is genderqueer real

is genderqueer real

Today, and even longer than today, I am noticing how frowned upon my identity is. To them it's just some "tumblr made" identity and it's not real. Genderqueer /androgyny isn't a real identity. Everybody is really a man or a woman, deep down, even if they happen to be really femmey guys or butch women. Is the phrase necessary? Is it the same phenomenon as lets say MTF or FTM? Are these people faking it for political reasons? Are these people. is genderqueer real


Break Free - Ruby Rose

Is genderqueer real - Daily Mail

There is one thing that all trans people definitely have in common: they're trans. Posted August 10, I've had people who preferred if I would be genderqueer instead, even though I'm not. Let's Queer Things Up! Purely because it has so many links to other websites.

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