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Shower sex on period

shower sex on period

Use the shower like it's a sterile sex cave. The shower is a place of cleanliness and hygiene, unless of course you're using it for period sex. Have you been dreading to have sex during period? Read this and you will Sex in the shower is not only not-messy but is also very romantic. In addition, if you avoid sex entirely during your period that can be 7 or more sexless The mess-adverse also have the option of shower sex. Period sex increases your risk of infection. Shower sex is a good option because there are no sheets involved and it basically cleans itself. Learn how to have sex on your period that is just as hot, fun & clean as Hopping in the shower after playtime will make you feel the cleanest. #7 Shower sex. Shower sex was probably invented to have sex during the period . If you're having sex under flowing water, there's a good chance both of you. shower sex on period


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